Monday, June 23, 2008

Twenty Days Until Jonas

Yes folks, it's true...I am taking my kiddos to the Joe Bros Concert. Why you ask? Well, actually I am probably as big a fan as they are. I like them for many reasons and #1 being that they are a wholesome Christian based family. It is so refreshing to have music and teen heart throbs that are positive for your kids to enjoy. Now that aside they are pretty darn cute and have some great songs. I bought the tickets a month ago and just told my girls on Friday night aftert the Camp Rock movie premiered on the Disney Channel. They are so excited!! We are seeing them in Ahaheim and I also recently found out that they are filming the concert. I imagine it's for their movie they are making. The nice added bonus of this show is that I now have three weeks of leverage to use any time I need the kids to help around the house or to just behave.

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