Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saturdays WI Report

I can't believe I didn't get here sooner to tell you that I lost 2.8 this week for a total loss of 7.8. I am very happy about it and hope I can pull off another great week.

I can't believe the weekend is almost over. Yesterday was a kick back day. Today there was a birthday party to go to and then I had to work. Work was pretty busy for the most part. We have a celebrity customer who came in tonight.....wanna know who??? He is a singer that some people don't know but has had a few hits. Anyway, its Jason Mraz. He lives near by and comes in about once a week. Tonight he wanted to know how to bake something so I had to try and explain it. He's cool, you should go check him out.

I had to request some time off in June. We have lots of family coming from out of state for a family reunion. Should be so much fun. We hope to spend lots of time at the beach and go to Sea World too. It's 8 weeks away.....hope it comes soon!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Switching Things Up A Bit

Today I decided to do one of my Firm dvd's. I can't remember the name but it was a sculpting one. I have been doing the treadmill for a while now and someday's I will do my free weights for my upper body but not any real sculpting work. It was nice to switch things up a bit. The wierdest part was that a couple hours later I was almost craving the treadmill. Very I got on it for 30 minutes. So I got in a total of 65 minutes of exercise today.

This has been a buisy week for us. Pookie had a science fair project that was due today. Somehow, even with a months notice it snuck up on us!! I came up with a great idea from it though. This summer, when the kids are "bored", we will be doing some projects. That way we will already have them all done and ready for next year. Eventually we will have three kids in the elementary school at once...that's three science projects....I can't even imagine.

Tonight was the open house at her school. Her teacher who is loved by everyone, had emergency colon surgery in February. Well, I just found out about two weeks ago that her teacher has Cancer. It is so sad. He is young (30's), single, athletic etc. He went in with stomach pain and when they opened him up for the surgery they were shocked. He has Cancer everywhere.....colon, kidney, lungs and Lymph nodes. He is considered a Stage 4. The kids don't know. They just know he is recovering from a surgery. We pray for him all the time and hope that the chemo is succesful. Tonight, at the open house he was there. He looks thin, gaunt and frail. He walks with a cane and had to sit for most of the night. He told me that just him being there for the hour would keep him in bed all day tomorrow just from the exhaustion. I just really feel for him. It just really goes to show you that anyone, even the healthiest of people can get sick.

I better get to bed. It's late! I might go to my WI tomorrow depending on what the scale says in the morning. As of this morning I am showing a 2 lb. loss just from Saturday. I am trying so hard! I know it will pay off eventually.


Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekly WI

Happy Monday! Another weekend has flown by. I had my WW meeting on Sat morning. I only lost .2. Isn't that pitiful. I guess it's better than gaining. Midweek I was showing a bigger loss but my monthly visitor decided to rear its ugly head Sat. morning! Nice....
Anyway, I am doing really well with my exercise and feel that I have gotten that down and want to focus more on my eating. Mostly to getting all of my fruits and veggies in. That will be my focus this week.

Other than that, not much new. We took the kiddos to Denny's for dinner on Saturday night. It's kids eat free night so with three kids it really helps. It hilarious cause the kids think it is so special to be there. Which I guess it is...but you would think we were at a gourmet restaurant the way they get so excited about going. We were thinking we should start going to Saturday night church and then to Denny's afterwards. Kinda make it a tradition. When I was growing up we would go to mass on Sunday and always go to breakfast afterwards.

I worked last night. It was pretty busy until about 8:30 and then it was just dead. There was literally nothing to do so we just sat around and talked between customers. Homer is home sick today with a migraine. It came on yesterday. He gets them every once in a while but when he does they are bad. I am hoping he is feeling better by tonight cause I have to work again.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Weekly 5K

I have had some new readers visiting me from the WW boards. Hello and please leave me a note sometime.
Anyway, since getting the new love of my treadmill.....I have been doing a weekly 5k (walking). I know to lots of people 3.1 miles aint fact at one point in my life it was just the warm up. Anyway, I guess I am doing it to sorta track my progress. I am definitely a numbers gal. I guess because like they say...numbers don't lie! So just to catch you up...if you are into numbers too here are my first three weeks 5k resluts.

Week 1 3.02 (dist) 61:36 (time) 20.31 ( average pace per mile)
Week 2 3.19/61.30/19.21
Week 3 3.17/60.00/18.92

So, pretty exciting to see that in only three weeks I shaved a 1.39 off my pace. It's still painfully slow but I will get there.

I am thinking about doing the couch to 5k program that is out there. Anyone have any experience with that?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Buddy and his first trip to the dentist

Well, I think I was more nervous than buddy this morning. He just turned 4 in March and was complaining a couple weeks ago about a tooth bothering him. I was able to get him an appointment this morning and we went. First of all let me preface the story by saying that my other two kids normally go to a "KIDS" dentist. It's basically a Chuckee Cheese with a dentist cleaning your teeth in the back room. I love the office but not the dentist. The kids love to go games, toys, goody bags, movies and a tv screen on the ceiling so they can watch Disney movies (and listen with ear phones) while their teeth are being cleaned etc. Well, since I got new insurance I decided to look to go to a new dentist that my neighbor referred me to. Well, this was not a fun dentist. The office consisted of three chairs and a murky fish tank. Talk about disappointed! The hygentist was soooo nice. Buddy did an awesome job. He is used to me brushing his teeth and making him open wide, swish and spit so that all went well. The best cavities. The dentist thinks he may be grinding his teeth therefore making them sore. So for now we are cool. Oh and he did get a goody bag complete with a new toothbrush, floss (like he knows what the heck that is) a timer, stickers, pencils and a tooth brush shaped eraser. Not Chucky's style but good enough.

Afterwards I took him to Islands Restaurant to get lunch and use a coupon I got from them for a free burger and desert (birthday clubs are cool). I only ate half of the huge and brought the desert home. Anyway, according to a points source online my lunch was about 19 points....Ouch!! I will get my treadmill on later.

I also want to add that I saw a new lower number on the scale today. Then I had to go and ruin it by going to Islands....oh well.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

An Easter Miracle has occured!!

Well, somehow I lost weight at my WI today. I am down a total of 4.8. For those of you following my journey, I had a 3 lb. gain last week and I lost almost all of it this week. One thing I have learned is that it really isn't worth it to have a day or week off. I had to work so dang hard this week to get my gain lost and I still didn't even lose it all. The gain was caused by having many birthday celebrations and having a who cares attitude. Last Sat. I had the gain which was followed by Easter Sunday. What the heck. I told myself Easter morning that I would take the day off so to speak. Since I had just received my 35 flex points the day before I felt pretty good. The rest of week I was pretty much OP except for a few candy treats from the kids basket.
So, something that I am even more proud of are the Non Scale Victories (NSV). There were so many this week. First, I did a 5k on the treadmill (TM) on Wednesday and bettered my time by 1 minute from last weeks 5k. I plan to do it once a week and watch my progress. I am still terribly slow...about a 19 minute mile but I am getting my heart rate up and getting stronger all the time.
Secondly, after my WI I have always treated myself with a trip thru McDonalds for a breakfast sandwich, hashbrown and diet coke. The last time I did it...about two weeks ago....I was half way thru the sausage mc muffin and realized it wasn't even really all that good and threw it away. So this morning, I passed McDonalds and pulled in to Starbucks instead and treated myself to an iced coffee with about half the points which I enjoyed a hundred times more!! Yeah for me.
I am off to do yard work. I am actually looking forward to getting out and moving my body which is rare for me!! We are also supposed to clean out the garage which is in terrible shape!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter + WW = EVIL

So, we have about 20lbs of Easter candy in the house. It is just everywhere. I just don't know what to do about it. I have read other people who just throw it away....I am just way too thrifty to do it. Plus my kids would be crushed if I did that. What do you suggest? Please leave me a comment and give me your suggestions please!! Or at least let me know that there are other moms out there dealing with the same thing.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Today is the last day of calm and quiet!

Today is the last day of calm and quiet. As of 2:45 today the girls will be on Spring Break. I have absolutely no special plans for them. Maybe a trip to the library, park, beach or a friends house. It seems like Easter really snuck up on us this year. Last year I think I dug out the baskets and plastic eggs in mid March. I quickly realized what a mistake that was when the kids had all of the eggs split in two and all over the house. They are still in my closet and I think I will bring them down tomorrow or Saturday. Also, it is a tradition in our family to make an Easter bunny in the shape of a bunny head....totally forgot about it and need to figure out when I will have time to squeeze it in on Saturday. Somewhere between an easter egg hunt, birthday party and shopping. Lastly, I have no idea what I will be wearing for church. Unfortunately I am barely fitting into most of my clothes (that's where WW comes in). I really don't want to buy anything new since it will only fit for a few weeks. Think it would be ok to wear sweats to church? I could wear a cute scarf...think that still fits! UGH!
I bought Pookie an adorable outfit at Target. Love that place....a new dress and sweater for only $24.00. I am hoping that Boo Boo will have a hand me down dress to wear. I guess I should get on that huh?? I bought new tights since all the ones in their drawer magically get runs in them or holes in the toes.

I will be going to my WI on Saturday. I have done the treadmill every day this week so far. (mon-wed). I upped it to 2.5 miles on Tues. Yesterday Boo Boo kept needing my help with something so my workout wasn't that great. I would just get going and she would call me again. I still did two miles but it took almost an hour due to the interuptions.

Enjoy the day.....

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Back on my way...

Sorry the last post was such a downer but I just had to get that out. I am still in a bit of shock. I wasn't able to go out to the gravesite yet but hope to go this week sometime.

So, on a happier note I went to my WI on Friday and am down another pound for a total of 5.8. I was terrible over the weekend. I had every bad food out there...doughnuts (garage sale), movie theater popcorn (saw Meet the Robinsons), candy (at the movie) and good ol McDonalds....twice. So, as of yesterday morning I was way up again but have already knocked two pounds down as of this morning. I really need to work on not totally blowing it over the weekends. I just set myself up for so much work to get it back down.
This weekend will represent another challenge. Easter!! I will just have to save my flex points for it. I tried to buy lite this year so there wont be too much left overs. Not sure if the Easter bunny is bringing Homer and me a basket or not. But I am sure the munchkins won't notice a few treats missing!!