Thursday, April 05, 2007

Today is the last day of calm and quiet!

Today is the last day of calm and quiet. As of 2:45 today the girls will be on Spring Break. I have absolutely no special plans for them. Maybe a trip to the library, park, beach or a friends house. It seems like Easter really snuck up on us this year. Last year I think I dug out the baskets and plastic eggs in mid March. I quickly realized what a mistake that was when the kids had all of the eggs split in two and all over the house. They are still in my closet and I think I will bring them down tomorrow or Saturday. Also, it is a tradition in our family to make an Easter bunny in the shape of a bunny head....totally forgot about it and need to figure out when I will have time to squeeze it in on Saturday. Somewhere between an easter egg hunt, birthday party and shopping. Lastly, I have no idea what I will be wearing for church. Unfortunately I am barely fitting into most of my clothes (that's where WW comes in). I really don't want to buy anything new since it will only fit for a few weeks. Think it would be ok to wear sweats to church? I could wear a cute scarf...think that still fits! UGH!
I bought Pookie an adorable outfit at Target. Love that place....a new dress and sweater for only $24.00. I am hoping that Boo Boo will have a hand me down dress to wear. I guess I should get on that huh?? I bought new tights since all the ones in their drawer magically get runs in them or holes in the toes.

I will be going to my WI on Saturday. I have done the treadmill every day this week so far. (mon-wed). I upped it to 2.5 miles on Tues. Yesterday Boo Boo kept needing my help with something so my workout wasn't that great. I would just get going and she would call me again. I still did two miles but it took almost an hour due to the interuptions.

Enjoy the day.....

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