Thursday, April 26, 2007

Switching Things Up A Bit

Today I decided to do one of my Firm dvd's. I can't remember the name but it was a sculpting one. I have been doing the treadmill for a while now and someday's I will do my free weights for my upper body but not any real sculpting work. It was nice to switch things up a bit. The wierdest part was that a couple hours later I was almost craving the treadmill. Very I got on it for 30 minutes. So I got in a total of 65 minutes of exercise today.

This has been a buisy week for us. Pookie had a science fair project that was due today. Somehow, even with a months notice it snuck up on us!! I came up with a great idea from it though. This summer, when the kids are "bored", we will be doing some projects. That way we will already have them all done and ready for next year. Eventually we will have three kids in the elementary school at once...that's three science projects....I can't even imagine.

Tonight was the open house at her school. Her teacher who is loved by everyone, had emergency colon surgery in February. Well, I just found out about two weeks ago that her teacher has Cancer. It is so sad. He is young (30's), single, athletic etc. He went in with stomach pain and when they opened him up for the surgery they were shocked. He has Cancer everywhere.....colon, kidney, lungs and Lymph nodes. He is considered a Stage 4. The kids don't know. They just know he is recovering from a surgery. We pray for him all the time and hope that the chemo is succesful. Tonight, at the open house he was there. He looks thin, gaunt and frail. He walks with a cane and had to sit for most of the night. He told me that just him being there for the hour would keep him in bed all day tomorrow just from the exhaustion. I just really feel for him. It just really goes to show you that anyone, even the healthiest of people can get sick.

I better get to bed. It's late! I might go to my WI tomorrow depending on what the scale says in the morning. As of this morning I am showing a 2 lb. loss just from Saturday. I am trying so hard! I know it will pay off eventually.


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