Saturday, April 14, 2007

An Easter Miracle has occured!!

Well, somehow I lost weight at my WI today. I am down a total of 4.8. For those of you following my journey, I had a 3 lb. gain last week and I lost almost all of it this week. One thing I have learned is that it really isn't worth it to have a day or week off. I had to work so dang hard this week to get my gain lost and I still didn't even lose it all. The gain was caused by having many birthday celebrations and having a who cares attitude. Last Sat. I had the gain which was followed by Easter Sunday. What the heck. I told myself Easter morning that I would take the day off so to speak. Since I had just received my 35 flex points the day before I felt pretty good. The rest of week I was pretty much OP except for a few candy treats from the kids basket.
So, something that I am even more proud of are the Non Scale Victories (NSV). There were so many this week. First, I did a 5k on the treadmill (TM) on Wednesday and bettered my time by 1 minute from last weeks 5k. I plan to do it once a week and watch my progress. I am still terribly slow...about a 19 minute mile but I am getting my heart rate up and getting stronger all the time.
Secondly, after my WI I have always treated myself with a trip thru McDonalds for a breakfast sandwich, hashbrown and diet coke. The last time I did it...about two weeks ago....I was half way thru the sausage mc muffin and realized it wasn't even really all that good and threw it away. So this morning, I passed McDonalds and pulled in to Starbucks instead and treated myself to an iced coffee with about half the points which I enjoyed a hundred times more!! Yeah for me.
I am off to do yard work. I am actually looking forward to getting out and moving my body which is rare for me!! We are also supposed to clean out the garage which is in terrible shape!

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