Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekly WI

Happy Monday! Another weekend has flown by. I had my WW meeting on Sat morning. I only lost .2. Isn't that pitiful. I guess it's better than gaining. Midweek I was showing a bigger loss but my monthly visitor decided to rear its ugly head Sat. morning! Nice....
Anyway, I am doing really well with my exercise and feel that I have gotten that down and want to focus more on my eating. Mostly to getting all of my fruits and veggies in. That will be my focus this week.

Other than that, not much new. We took the kiddos to Denny's for dinner on Saturday night. It's kids eat free night so with three kids it really helps. It hilarious cause the kids think it is so special to be there. Which I guess it is...but you would think we were at a gourmet restaurant the way they get so excited about going. We were thinking we should start going to Saturday night church and then to Denny's afterwards. Kinda make it a tradition. When I was growing up we would go to mass on Sunday and always go to breakfast afterwards.

I worked last night. It was pretty busy until about 8:30 and then it was just dead. There was literally nothing to do so we just sat around and talked between customers. Homer is home sick today with a migraine. It came on yesterday. He gets them every once in a while but when he does they are bad. I am hoping he is feeling better by tonight cause I have to work again.

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