Monday, May 28, 2007

10 Pounds

Yes!!! I had my WI on Saturday morning and I am down 10.4 pounds. It has taken me a long time. I started WW on March 3rd!! I guess I should just be happy I am losing. I have been doing a lot better on the treadmill too. Yesterday for the first time I did a 16 minute mile. I jogged (4.0-5.0) for about 15 minutes within my 40 minute walk. I was able to jog for 5 straight minutes.
We had a fun weekend. Saturday we went to see Shrek 3 with the kids and my parents. I ate so much crap!! Candy and popcorn...ugh...I actually found myself falling asleep during the movie. I think it must have been a sugar crash. Yesterday my parents offered to watch the kids while Homer and I got to go out. We went to Chili's for dinner and to see Pirates. Dinner was good. I got the appetizer platter but found out this morning that it was about 35 points...can you believe that! It was worth it though. Pirates was good too. I am so glad we got to go and see it.
Today is Memorial Day. We don't have any big plans. I have to work hoo. I hope I get paid time and 1/2. I don't mind the's the working when it's dead that I hate! How many people are going to go to a health food store on Memorial Day.
I better go. I have about 25 loads of laundry to do. Have a good one!

Monday, May 21, 2007

May Day Challenge Week 2 Results

Great news...I am down another 1.4 lbs. Yeah!! That is a total of 8.8 lbs for me since March 3rd when I started Weight Watchers.
It was a great week. I ate pretty well and got all of my exercise in too. I even did a little jogging for the first time on the treadmill. The biggest thing I need to work on is getting my veggies in. I just really struggle with this. I am doing better though.
I guess that's it for now. I hope to have another great loss to report next week!! Can't wait to read everyone elses blogs!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

May Day Challenge Week 1 Results

YES!! I am down about 2.5 pounds this week. I say "about" because like a dork I forgot to write down my weight last Tuesday. Now I am good and from today forward should be more accurate.
I also go to WW on Saturday mornings so this might get a bit confusing. Maybe I will just post my Sat WI's on Tuesday...yes that's what I will do.
Anyway, I am surprised I am down at all. My family had two birthdays in the past two weeks and then Mothers Day on top of it.

I had some NSV'S (non scale victories for those who don't know) this week.

Bought and fit into some size 16 pants.
Bought a salad to take to my Mothers Day picnic. Still had some treats but that's ok.
Worked out four times this week.

That first one is a big one for me!! I was in a solid 18 so I am glad to be getting out of that.

I can't wait to see how everyone else has done!! Week one down and 17 to go!!

If you are wondering what this is all about you can go here and read all about it.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

My latest WI

Well, I went to WI on Saturday morning. Remeber I missed last Saturdays meeting and WI because we went to the Wild Animal Park. Instead of giving me two weeks to show a big loss I think it gave me a ticket to eat because I knew I would have another week. Anyway, lets get to the point. I gained .4. That's point 4. Now one thing I have to say is that I worked my ass off last week. I have been alternating the treadmill and the Firm. I think I took two rest days last week. I am hoping the gain is due to that. I am not giving up because as you saw in my last entry I have lost inches. At the meeting there was lots of talk about the Core plan and how great it is. I am seriously considering it. I am going to look into it more this week.

This weekend has been full of fun again. Saturday after my WI I took the kids (Homer was home sick) to the train. It was my dads 66th birthday and we took the train from Oceanside to downtown San Diego. It was so fun!! Buddy who is still in love with trains was just beside himself. He stared out the window for the whole hour long trek. So cute.....but of coarse I forgot my camera!! We walked down to Sea Port Village and went to lunch. It was so pretty!! It was a long day full of walking...a lot. We are guessing we probably walked between 3-4 miles.

Sunday was Mothers Day and after getting everyone ready we went to the park where my husband claims he saw Denise Richards. Not that I don't believe him but wondered why he didn't run over and tell me right away. I could have taken some pictures of her and then sold them to Star Magazine or something...ha ha. She was with her two kids and some other moms. No Ritchie Sambora in sight. I guess she actually grew up in Oceanside so maybe she still has family here. Anyway, we had a picnic...which I brought a salad to...yeah me. It was absolutely gorgeous outside today!

The day was finished by a 5 hour shift at work. In case you didn't already know I am a cashier at a health whole foods store. It was pretty busy which I was surprised about.

Anway, I am off to go to bed...more this week.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

One Month Measurement Results

I thought I would share some of my non scale results. Here they are....and bare with me...I like to measure lots of areas.

Neck/14.5/14.2 = -.3
Chest/44.5/44.5=no change
Chest under bra 38.8/38.5= -.3
Waist/41/39.3= -1.7
Hips (at stomach pooch)/47.5/46.2= -1.3
Hips/47.8/46.6= -1.2
Theigh/30/28.4= -1.6
knee/18.5/18 = -.5
Calf/18.8/18.5 = -.3
ankle/9.7/9.5 = -.2
upper arm/14.7/14.1= -.6
forearm/ 12/11.4 = -.6

So there is a total loss of 8.6 inches. So there you have it. I will post the results again next month! I hope to see a bigger change in my bust and waist area!

The May Day Challenge begins today!!

In case you have heard, today is the first day of the May Day Challenge.
Here is my starting picture. It was taken over the weekend with my family.

What are my goals you ask...well to simply lose as much as I can. I have been on WW since March 3rd of this year. I have lost about 8 pounds so far. It is coming off so slow this time around but it is coming off.

This is the umpteenth time I have started WW. What is different this time? My focus on health not weight loss. We purchased a treadmill, I got a Polar F6 heart rate monitor, a digital scale for weighing my food and myself and I signed up for the auto withdrawl of $39.99 for my WW meetings and subscription (the monthly pass). I am in this for life!

Seriously though, I would ultimately like to lose a total of 70 lbs. As far as this challenge goes my number goal will be 20 lbs. lighter by the end of this challenge.

The other thing I am doing today is taking new measurements. I will add them here later. I highly suggest you to do it too. I notice that times when the scale aint moving the measuring tape is!!

If you are looking for an email buddy or just want to chat about fat, treadmills, eating or WW leave me a comment. Good luck to everyone else who is following this challenge. I can't wait until September 18th to hear everyones results!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Busy Weekend Ahead = Gaining Weight

Tomorrow....Cinco De my moms birthday. Every year we celebrate it by going to a Mexican restaurant and tease her that all the other mobs of people are there to simply celebrate her special day. Well, she called me last night to make plans for tomorrow. Turns out that my brother is coming to town. I guess he had a plane ticket that he had never used and was going to expire so he is using it to fly here. He lives up in the Santa Cruz area.

So my mom really wants to go on a Harbor Cruise. Its just a three hour tour of the Harbor and you are always in view of land. On a beautiful warm day its wonderful. I think they sell drinks and snacks or something. Well, I am just a nervous wreck. Three kids (two which don't know how to swim well) on a boat. I am sure it will be fine and the kids will be stoked about going out on a boat. If the weather is bad she has a back up plan....The Wild Animal Park. That would be my large bodies of water near, lots and lots of walking + lots of activity points and lots of cute animals. Plus it's spring so maybe there will be lots of baby animals too.

Not sure what we will be doing on Sunday. Most likely I will have to work that night. I think my brother leaves Monday morning.

So, it looks like a fun weekend. I have my WW meeting tomorrow morning. Not sure if I will be making it or not. Just depends on what time we need to head out.

Happy Friday Everyone!!

A New Challenge

You may have noticed the new button in my side bar. It's the May Day Weight Loss Challenge. Here is some information about it.

What is the The May Day Weight Loss Challenge? The May Day Weight Loss Challenge is an internet wide blog challenge available to anyone wanting to lose weight. Whether it's five pounds or 125 pounds, this challenge is for you. Don't have a blog? You can still participate!When will the challenge begin? Tuesday, May 8, 2007When will the challenge end? Tuesday September 18, 2007. If you lose just two pounds per week (a healthy rate to lose weight) for the duration of the challenge, you would lose THIRTY-SIX pounds. Imagine yourself thirty-six pounds lighter.
How does it work? On Tuesday, May 8th, you post on your blog how much weight you want to lose, and your weight history, what other goals you may have for this challenge (creating activity, cutting out soda, etc.) and any weaknesses you have. Come back to this site and sign Mr. Linky. Begin your diet. You have one week from today to plan your diet and prepare yourself for finding the skinny girl inside of you. She's in there and she wants out.
Weigh-ins will be held once a week, every Tuesday on this site. This does not mean you must weigh-in on Tuesdays, just report your loss/gain for that week on Tuesday. Again, you will sign Mr. Linky and talk about it on your blog. You do not need to make your weight public! Just your goals, losses and gains.

If you would like to join in the fun go here and sign up!