Tuesday, May 15, 2007

May Day Challenge Week 1 Results

YES!! I am down about 2.5 pounds this week. I say "about" because like a dork I forgot to write down my weight last Tuesday. Now I am good and from today forward should be more accurate.
I also go to WW on Saturday mornings so this might get a bit confusing. Maybe I will just post my Sat WI's on Tuesday...yes that's what I will do.
Anyway, I am surprised I am down at all. My family had two birthdays in the past two weeks and then Mothers Day on top of it.

I had some NSV'S (non scale victories for those who don't know) this week.

Bought and fit into some size 16 pants.
Bought a salad to take to my Mothers Day picnic. Still had some treats but that's ok.
Worked out four times this week.

That first one is a big one for me!! I was in a solid 18 so I am glad to be getting out of that.

I can't wait to see how everyone else has done!! Week one down and 17 to go!!

If you are wondering what this is all about you can go here and read all about it.


Joanne said...

congratulations well done, keep up the good work

Robin said...

That is great! And good work on going down a pants size - that is a huge accomplishment!
Good luck this week too!

Sharon said...

You go girl!
I so know what it is like to be in an 18--and may I say growing out of an 18.
I am now in a 16 although for a short period recently I was in a 14.
I gained back about 12 pounds and it bumped my big butt out of those 14's. I want them back.
So you keep going and I will to.

david santos said...

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Becky said...

First of all, "Laundry Goddess?" that is priceless. Love it! And very GREAT news on the 2.5 pounds. Yay! for you. I know how hard that is.

Thanks for the encouragement for me too. I appreciate you taking the time to come by and say "Hey".

Walk, girl, walk. Oh, and I wanted to tell you that I just joined "First Place" which is a Christian based sort of life balanced program that helps with weight loss. I have to weigh in on Thursdays so I am just taking that weight from Thursday to put on my Tuesday blog. You can do the same for your Sat. It is easier. And I refuse to weigh here at home. Many reasons. Compulsion, wonkey scale, stuff like that. I just do the once a week and will continue with that.

So good luck.

His Girl said...

Way to go!! What a great start...even with parties to go to. I totally hear you on the pant-size. I think, more than the scale, my clothing size can either uplift or demoralize me! Keep it up!

~Betty~ @ On the Journey to Victory said...

I'm so excited you had such a good week!

I measure my weight from Saturday to Saturday. Although I weigh myself everyday I report my Saturday weight. Whatever works for you the best!

I hope you have another good week!

Susanne said...

WAY TO GO!!! Keep up the good work!!! Praying for another excellent week!