Friday, May 04, 2007

Busy Weekend Ahead = Gaining Weight

Tomorrow....Cinco De my moms birthday. Every year we celebrate it by going to a Mexican restaurant and tease her that all the other mobs of people are there to simply celebrate her special day. Well, she called me last night to make plans for tomorrow. Turns out that my brother is coming to town. I guess he had a plane ticket that he had never used and was going to expire so he is using it to fly here. He lives up in the Santa Cruz area.

So my mom really wants to go on a Harbor Cruise. Its just a three hour tour of the Harbor and you are always in view of land. On a beautiful warm day its wonderful. I think they sell drinks and snacks or something. Well, I am just a nervous wreck. Three kids (two which don't know how to swim well) on a boat. I am sure it will be fine and the kids will be stoked about going out on a boat. If the weather is bad she has a back up plan....The Wild Animal Park. That would be my large bodies of water near, lots and lots of walking + lots of activity points and lots of cute animals. Plus it's spring so maybe there will be lots of baby animals too.

Not sure what we will be doing on Sunday. Most likely I will have to work that night. I think my brother leaves Monday morning.

So, it looks like a fun weekend. I have my WW meeting tomorrow morning. Not sure if I will be making it or not. Just depends on what time we need to head out.

Happy Friday Everyone!!

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christie said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog :)
Yes kids can geocache, a lot of people take their kids and actually a majority of the things found in a geocache are kid's toys. They would love it.
If you go to you can learn more about it!

Good luck at your meeting tomorrow :)