Sunday, May 13, 2007

My latest WI

Well, I went to WI on Saturday morning. Remeber I missed last Saturdays meeting and WI because we went to the Wild Animal Park. Instead of giving me two weeks to show a big loss I think it gave me a ticket to eat because I knew I would have another week. Anyway, lets get to the point. I gained .4. That's point 4. Now one thing I have to say is that I worked my ass off last week. I have been alternating the treadmill and the Firm. I think I took two rest days last week. I am hoping the gain is due to that. I am not giving up because as you saw in my last entry I have lost inches. At the meeting there was lots of talk about the Core plan and how great it is. I am seriously considering it. I am going to look into it more this week.

This weekend has been full of fun again. Saturday after my WI I took the kids (Homer was home sick) to the train. It was my dads 66th birthday and we took the train from Oceanside to downtown San Diego. It was so fun!! Buddy who is still in love with trains was just beside himself. He stared out the window for the whole hour long trek. So cute.....but of coarse I forgot my camera!! We walked down to Sea Port Village and went to lunch. It was so pretty!! It was a long day full of walking...a lot. We are guessing we probably walked between 3-4 miles.

Sunday was Mothers Day and after getting everyone ready we went to the park where my husband claims he saw Denise Richards. Not that I don't believe him but wondered why he didn't run over and tell me right away. I could have taken some pictures of her and then sold them to Star Magazine or something...ha ha. She was with her two kids and some other moms. No Ritchie Sambora in sight. I guess she actually grew up in Oceanside so maybe she still has family here. Anyway, we had a picnic...which I brought a salad to...yeah me. It was absolutely gorgeous outside today!

The day was finished by a 5 hour shift at work. In case you didn't already know I am a cashier at a health whole foods store. It was pretty busy which I was surprised about.

Anway, I am off to go to bed...more this week.

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