Friday, May 04, 2007

A New Challenge

You may have noticed the new button in my side bar. It's the May Day Weight Loss Challenge. Here is some information about it.

What is the The May Day Weight Loss Challenge? The May Day Weight Loss Challenge is an internet wide blog challenge available to anyone wanting to lose weight. Whether it's five pounds or 125 pounds, this challenge is for you. Don't have a blog? You can still participate!When will the challenge begin? Tuesday, May 8, 2007When will the challenge end? Tuesday September 18, 2007. If you lose just two pounds per week (a healthy rate to lose weight) for the duration of the challenge, you would lose THIRTY-SIX pounds. Imagine yourself thirty-six pounds lighter.
How does it work? On Tuesday, May 8th, you post on your blog how much weight you want to lose, and your weight history, what other goals you may have for this challenge (creating activity, cutting out soda, etc.) and any weaknesses you have. Come back to this site and sign Mr. Linky. Begin your diet. You have one week from today to plan your diet and prepare yourself for finding the skinny girl inside of you. She's in there and she wants out.
Weigh-ins will be held once a week, every Tuesday on this site. This does not mean you must weigh-in on Tuesdays, just report your loss/gain for that week on Tuesday. Again, you will sign Mr. Linky and talk about it on your blog. You do not need to make your weight public! Just your goals, losses and gains.

If you would like to join in the fun go here and sign up!

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Janne said...

Welcome, from another weight loss "challenger". :)