Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekend Report

Well, our weekend started on Friday afternoon when we took our three kids to my parents house, then we went on a three hour car ride to the San Fernando Valley to our good friend Michael's house. His mom Connie passed away and they were having a party for her. We saw some old friends and met some new ones. We got home very late.
Saturday morning Ben and I went to Henry's to do some shopping. We also went to Walmart to do some window shopping and get ideas for Christmas. After that I went to the Palomar School of Cosmetology to get my hair cut. It cost......$5.00. I was so shocked! It turned out pretty good too considering I hadn't had it cut in about a year. Then I was off to pick up the kids and head home. That night I took the girls and met my mom at a play. Charlottes Web at the San Marcos Kids Theater. It was ok. What do you expect when it is just kids.
Sunday was a kick back day until I had to go to work.
I guess thats about all. Turkey day is in 10 days!!

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