Thursday, November 30, 2006

Yeah for the holidays!!

I love the holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and then New Years. New Years day is a sad day for me because that means the holidays are over.
Thanksgiving was great this year. I think between my mom and I we spent over $200.00 and 8 hours cooking for a meal that took approx. 25 minutes to eat. WHY? Tradition I guess. It was nice though. We had it at my house this year instead of my parents. We thought it would work better since we have a more kid friendly home. There were 11 of us in all, five in which were kids. We cook all the regulars, turkey, mashed taters, stuffing, sweet potatoes pumpkin and pecan pie too.
I took my mom and sil shopping the day after friday. We hit Kohls and Walmart. I was a bit disappointed by the sales this year. I was hoping to get most of my shopping done but oh well.
Our tree has been put up but we still have tons of boxes in the living room. I need to finish decorating soon. Hopefully tomorrow night.
There are only 25 days until Christmas...can't wait!

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