Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Eve Eve Eve

Well, today my dad came over with all of his gifts for my mom and I wrapped them for him. It was lots of fun. I enjoy wrapping gifts. Ribbons, bows, scissors, tape, name tags...oh boy. I haven't finished my own wrapping yet. Just a few left.
I took the girls (DD 8 & DD5) to the mall tonight to use my Jc Penneys coupon. I bought my dad a shirt/jacket thing and the new Beatles cd for DH and All America Rejects for me. Love buying my own gifts (rolling eyes). My mom always did that and it has sorta passed on to me. I guess in some way I want to be sure that I get what I want, selfish I know. There are usually a few surprises under the tree for me.

Tomorrow should be a kick back day. Wrap rest of gifts, make cookies for Santa, laundry and getting holiday outfits ready, grocery store run and at home pedi's for my daughters and I. I love Christmas.

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