Saturday, December 30, 2006

Karaoke Night

So, today I took DD (8) to Target to spend some Christmas money. She was really hoping for a Karaoke machine. Would you believe....they had none. I was so surprised. I tried to talk her into perhaps a new gameboy game or maybe a Barbie but nooooo. So then we were off to the dreaded place. A place where only totally insane people go to the first Saturday after Christmas....Toys r'Us. Would you believe in a huge TOY STORE that they did not have any left either and that out of all of the thousands of toys....she did not want any of them...just a karaoke machine. Now by this time I was saying too bad, you will have to just wait and get it another day. But she just gave me that sad look and reminded me how fun it would be to have by New Years Eve ( which I had actually said on the way to Target) off to Walmart we go. I told her this was it...I was more for me....if they didn't have one than TOO BAD! Mean mom!! Well, believe it or not, they had one..actually not just one but two. So, we got it. It was $50.00 exactly $20 more than she had in her purse. At that point I didn't care if it was $100, we were getting it. My parents came over tonight for dinner and to watch football and afterwards we tested it out. It was a lot of fun. We also bought a few cd's to sing to. And yes, it will a lot of fun to have tomorrow night.

Anyway, we also got a call tonight from my Aunt who lives a couple hours from here inviting us up for New Years. My parents are going as well. It should be fun. Growing up we always spent the night with family but lately (since kids) we haven't done much. The kids are really excited to just be going somewhere!
Happy New Year to you!

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