Sunday, February 18, 2007

Oh for the love of hermit crabs...

Pookie is going to be 9 next week so we went shopping yesterday for birthday gifts. We had to make a quick stop at the pet store to get a filter for our fish tank. This pet store doesn't really have "pets" there to purchase. Just hamsters, fish, lizards and you guessed it....hermit crabs. Pookie has wanted one since the bizzare kiosks selling them started showing up at malls everywhere. I must have been half asleep still because I started considering one. I figured, how bad could they be, it would teach her about responsibility, they seem fairly easy to manage and care why not. Well, $70.00 later she is the proud parent of two crabs. $70.00. The basic break down goes as the following....tank $10.00, tank lid (because I will be damned if those things will be crawling around the house while I sleep softly at night) 7.00, hiding spot (they like to hide apparently) half coconut shell $7.00, gravel $5.99, sand $5.00, food $4.99, cookies (don't even ask) $3.99, fake plant $4.00, water bowl $3.00, food bowl $3.oo, sponge that sits in water bowl (apparently they like to suck on it) $2.00, mister spray bottle $3.00 and the rest goes to the cost of the crabs themselves. All I know is that they better live a long time so I can get my money's worth!
The good news is that my daughter is so happy and completely in love with them. She has named them Will and Elizabeth from Pirates of The Carribean.
Hermit crabs...what was I thinking????

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