Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What is the world coming to.....

So, last night a poor lady was mugged outside the store I work at. She was this petite little lady maybe in her 50's and was putting her groceries in her car when a big truck pulled up next to her, a passenger jumped out, she grabbed her purse like a football, he grabbed the purse and off they went. It was so sad, we were just closing and she was screaming and running towards the store saying Help Me and rattling off the license plate number. The next hour was spent with the cops trying to fill out paper work, getting as much info as possible. So, now this lady is completely tramatized, will probably never be able to go out at night alone again without thinking about it and for what. A lousy $70.00, a cell phone and other odds and ends. People are just assholes I swear!!

Anyway, it's raining today which is much needed here in San Diego. I actually love the rain (as long as I don't have to go anywhere in it). They say Californians dont know how to drive in the rain but I think it's just because we don't get any time to practice. Who knows.

So, I started marking down my points again for Weight Watchers. I am basically a lifer. I went to my first meeting when I was about 16 and revisit it every couple years. I will have my Wednesday Weigh in tomorrow but warn you now that it won't be pretty. I actually rode the exercise bike yesterday for about 35 minutes and plan to do it again today.
Ok, so now this post is rambling so I will go for now...see you again tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Your old fashioned blog is great! I do love the mother-son/washing machine-dirty clothes picture.

Reminds of a time when my two boys went outside after I finished bathing them and dressing them in fresh clean clothes, and got into my flower bed. The were filthy from head to toe.

I marched them straight into the house, down the basement stairs, and into the laundry room. I gave both of them a good spanking, stripped them out of their dirty clothes, tossed everything into the washing machine, marched them them back upstairs again, bathed them, and put them to bed. Party over.