Friday, February 02, 2007

Sore throats and stuff

Well, sorry I haven't been around. For the last two weeks there has been at least one person at this house sick. First the kids, then Homer and now me. Always the last to get it. It has been increasingly harder to wake up the last few mornings but today was by far the hardest. I woke up in the the wee hours and discovered a 102 fever and throat so sore that I could not swallow my water! Thankfully I do not have to work tonight and homer was able to get the kids ready for school. He even brought me some breakfast in bed!

I didn't report here on Wednesday. Just forgot actually. I am actually up .2. I am hardly concerned. I just want to get through this cold or whatever it is and get back on track.

We are supposed to have a movie night with our neighbors across the street but I think I may cancel. No need to pass my germs on to someone elses family. The superbowl is this weekend too and my parents are planing on coming over for that.

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