Friday, March 02, 2007

Party Time

5 Minutes for mom is hosting The Ultimate Blog party! Thanks for coming by.

Since most of you have never been by here before...let me tell you a bit about myself. I am 35, a mom of three and married almost 10 years. I was born and raised in California and currently live in San Diego. I love it and feel so blessed that I can raise my family here. My husband works as a marketing analyst and I work part time (20 hours) at a Whole Foods Market as a cashier. My kids are 9, 5 and 3. I am able to stay home all day with them and work at night.

Some things that make me smile are music (all kinds except rap), special coffee drinks (mochas, lattes etc.), the beach, the computer, family and snacks. The last one just a bit too much!!

I am very new to the blogging world and think I have had three visitors so far. I love reading other moms blogs and hearing that I am not so crazy! We all are....ha !

I am glad you stopped by. Please leave me a comment so that I know that you came and tell me three things about you so that I can get to know you. I also want to come visit you at your party too.


Tricia said...

Thought I'd say hi. I'm new to blogging too. This party is fun. I am finding lots of new blogs to read. I may never get any housework done again! :o)

C. H. Green said...

Welcome to the party, gir1! Nice to meet you.

C. H. Green said...

oh and love the title.

Barbara H. said...

Hello, and thanks for stopping by to visit me! It's nice to meet you. I'm afraid I love snacks all too well, too.

3 things about myself...hmmm...I LOVE most things chocolate, I love most Christian fiction, and I hate cold weather. :D

HappyGoMommy said...

Love the blog! Keep up the good work! :)

Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said...

thanks for stopping by to visit me!!!

and I'll have to find you the link to my design..I got it off a free site and they had lots of neat ones..

LIZ said...

Dropped by to say HI! I'm also fairly new to the blogging world. I'm a single RN from Ontario in the process of adopting my daughter Ava from Inner Mongolia, China. I have two fur daughters Jessie and Abbey. Drop by my blog and say hello.

jodi said...

Hi! Just want to tell you I visited San Diego once and it is the most beautiful place I've ever seen in the US. You are so blessed to live there! :)

Barbara H. said...

You mentioned on my blog that Karen Kingsbury is your cousin. Wow, that's cool! I imagine you've read all her books then? :) I think I've read most of them.

Robin said...

Pattie, Thank you for visiting my place (PENSIEVE), and FINALLY, I'm able to start visiting a few party goers myself.

Ok...three things:

1) I LOVE caramel macchiatos and believe there's no such thing as too much chocolate :).

2) I have three children (14, 12, 9).

3) I've lived my entire life in three states--GA, SC and TN.

I hope you'll stop by again (after the party, or even during) and get to know me a bit better. To help me REMEMBER the people I meet, I'm Bloglining everyone. If I can answer any blogging questions, I'll do my best (although it looks like you link to a few people who could help you more). Stick with it, it's a great outlet!

Living to Feel Good said...

Thannks for stopping by and good luck with WW. I'm always talking about lower point foods or recipes, so make sure you stop by again.

I love Whole Foods especially their California Rolls. They are seriously the best I've ever had.
My husband and I go to the one by us all the time (Orange County).

Hmmm three things about me...Mexican food and sweets are my weakness, I actually love the gym, and I am a reality tv junkie.

Donna said...

Hi - so nice to meet you! You love the beach, too! My favorite place in all the world!

Thank you for stopping by and visiting for a while - you had asked about the Greens Keeper bags - yes, they work as long as you keep them moist. I made the mistake of not doing that and all my greens dried right up!! At least they weren't a slimy mess...but still inedible. =( So, lesson learned: I find it works well if I keep a moist paper towel folded in the bag and check it now and then to make sure it stays moist.

I've bookmarked your site so I can come back and visit again soon! Enjoy the rest of the party!

Nise' said...

Three things about myself hmmm..
I am new to blogging too.
I rejoined WW after letting a few lbs sneak back on :o0.
I love to go out to lunch!
It is so cool that Karen K. is your cousin. I enjoy her books very much!