Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Going Digital

Years ago when I did weight watchers I bought a food scale.

Kinda like this one where it has a removable dish so you can weigh the food directly on the scale or in the bowl. The problem was that it just wasn't very accurate. You could manually reset the dial depending if you used the bowl or not.
This time around I don't want any errors...I am really trying to follow the plan well and accuracy is important when it comes to weighing food and making sure the portion sizes are right.

So, I bought a digital scale. I love it.

This is not the exact one I bought but pretty close. It is well worth the $30 it cost. I have used it for lots of things such as meat, pretzels and just this morning cream cheese. I highly suggest getting one if you are just starting out or like me trying to tighten up any areas of slippage.

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