Thursday, March 08, 2007

This and That

I took a peek at the scale this morning and I am down 1.6 from last Saturday. Now, I weighed myself in my skivvies. Do you think they would notice if I walked into a WW meeting in my unders? My official weigh in (WI) is this Saturday. I definitely feel better already, just adding the water and taking out the mindless snacking. Also, I am really really trying to not eat past 8 pm. It's really tough because on nights that I work I go in at 5 pm (too early for dinner) and get home at 9:30 which is obviously past the 8 pm cut off. What I have been doing is eating a Luna bar on my break and this seems to help but I just hate replacing meals with bars but not sure what else to do. Any suggestions?

My dd Pookie has been sick since last friday. I sent her to school yesterday with a very low temp (99.4) on some Motrin and she was in the nurses office by 12:30 with a 100.8 temp and had to come home. I think she just has the flu....tummy ache, fever, poop issues etc. I kept her home again today only because you have to be fever free for 24 hours before sending kids back to school.

My dh's birthday is Saturday. Not sure what we will be doing yet. I told him it was up to him to pick something. Living in San Diego is great because there are so many options. He is leaning towards going to a park for a picnic and going hiking. Sounds like lots of fun as long as the weather is good.

Happy Thursday and thanks for stopping by.


kelly said...

hi pattie!! :) nice to meet you.

don't you love when that scale moves? it's such a great feeling. if i were you, i would go to the meeting buck naked in a trench coat. when its time to weigh, step on the scale and drop the coat. haha! naked is the way to go!

kelly said...

hi pattie! nice to meet you :)

i say you go to the WW meeting in a trench coat with nothing on underneath. when its time to weigh, step on the scale and drop the coat. haha how funny would that be! naked weigh-ins are the only ones i count.