Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's time to fess up....

Ok, ok...I will tell you the sad truth. I gained a pound at my last WI and have been waiting as long as possible to come here and tell the world. Maybe I was hoping that if I didn't report it, it didn't really happen. I'm still at a 10 lb loss which is a nice number to hang on to.

Yesterday I felt like crap all day. Actually, that's a lie. I felt exhausted all day. I actually don't really have any other symptoms. I just have no energy and feel totally lethargic. I think I have figured out why. McDonalds. Carls Jr. Candy. No water. No exercise or over exercising. I ended up staying home from work last night but didn't get any more rest because our new part came for our treadmill and Homer and I worked on that all night. He did most of the work while I assisted here and there. The good news is that it works again.

We also watched the movie good. You have to go and rent it. It kept my attention the whole time. Very suspenseful!!

I rented The Biggest Loser DVD from blockbuster and am hoping to find time to try it today. It's the second one and is supposed to be really good. I will let you know.

The kids only have three days left of school. My 3rd grader got awarded Principals Honor Roll yesterday. So proud of her!! Bye for now...

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Robin said...

I'm sorry about your 1 lb. gain. Believe me, I feel your pain!
We just watched Dejavu - it was good - I like Denzel Washington!