Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ok...who's punking me

What the heck!! Our treadmill is on the fritz already and we just bought it in March. It all started when I noticed that I would be walking at a 3.5 speed and I would look up and magically it had gone up to 4.0. Then two workouts ago I noticed the panel dimming off and on. Then finally yesterday when I turned it on....there was nothing showing up on the panel. Has this ever happened to you? We got out the manual and read that you have to have a very specific surge protector on it. Did we read that before....umm no. I didn't have a chance to call the company today....but oh my gosh....what if we fried the thing already!! The treadmill actually still works but it just doesn't show your speed/time/distance etc. I am so bummed!

The other problem and this is a biggie for me is that I bought a bunch....were talking four packages of crappy food at Target yesterday. Are you ready for this....Little Debbie Nutter Bars...those ones that they used to sell at nutrition break in high school. They are 8 points for one little package. I have had three since yesterday. Do the math folks. Not cool at all. I also bought wafer cookies. These are huge red flags that I am about to give up on my weight loss attemp or that I am self sabitoging myself. I must stop. I will stop. Tomorrow is a new day.

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