Wednesday, January 10, 2007

38 Weeks....week one

ok, so in 38 weeks it will be my 10 year wedding anniversary. I have decided to combine that along with the desire to get rid of some of this fat to set a goal for myself. It will be an easy goal since I can never seem to meet any of the other ones I have set....My goal is to lose 40 lbs. by Oct. 4th. From this day forward Wednesday here will be Weigh In Wednesday for me. I am really excited by this and hope that having to report it here it will keep me honest! Not sure if I am going to list my starting weight or not. Lets just say that it's more than Kirstey Alleys starting weight!! If she can do it so can I!
I will be following the Weight Watchers plan and will be riding my exercise bike, walking or doing The Firm. If you have any tips or words of encouragement please leave me a comment! I am off to go take my official weigh in. Wish me luck!!

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slick said...

Well..good luck!

Enjoyed reading your site :)