Friday, January 12, 2007

Yeah for fridays and not having to work

As I have mentioned before, my first job is SAHM to three rugrats. Back in September I started working part time at a local health food store (kinda like Whole Foods) that just opened about 2 miles from home. It's actually just perfect. Her are all the pro's:
* Close to home
* Brand new store so everything is pretty and shiny
* Customers are cool in a sorta hippy/granola way
* The store closes at 9 so I am home early enough to still see husband before bedtime
* Extra money is helping us get by a bit easier

ok, with every pro's there are cons:
* Standing up for hours at a time
* Touching packages of raw meat....not just chicken either...tongue, buffalo, liver, fish heads etc.
* Annoying high school baggers gossip about boyfriends and sneaking out at night
* Weirdo customers

So, we have a few customers that are just so....shall we say...unique. There is one lady who we have nick named the Ice Cream Lady. She will come in almost on a daily basis (which in itself is a bit odd since we are a specialty would be like going to Bed Bath and Beyond everyday...weird) and she guessed cream. But not just a container of ice cream but several containers of ice cream...everyday. So, you may say that she needs a weight watchers intervention...not so...she is skin and bone. That is the part that just baffles us all. What does she do with it? Wash her hair, use it to paint, give it out as party favors..or....(your guess here). She is just one out of many of our favorites. What did you think cashiers did between customers...we gossip about you. I am sure I will tell you about many more in the future. Something for you to look forward to....oh you can't wait. Yeah, I'm a loser.

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Kelli in the Mirror said...

Great to know that the checkers actually DO talk about and notice the things we purchase... I keep hoping they don't. :)